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Dog of Ages…

June 18, 2010

Andreas this morning suggested that I consider names of great figures in history for my theoretical squeeze.

I can’t help but feel that he’s erm…barking up the right tree, shall we say? I like the way it would seat my puppy in a larger context of history and great accomplishments, which–were it not confined to the rather more everyday business of being an adorable puppy, that is to say, were it human–my noble ruffian would surely achieve.

The rub is to find a name that’s both adorable and historical.

And I already know of a cat named Pushkin so that particular adorable name is out, because we are looking here to allude, not to copy.

So if you have any suggestions, feel free. As it is, I’ll kill a few brain cells on it…


May 24, 2010

oh my God! I COULD NAME HIM PIRATE!!! ‘Pirate’! ‘Pirate’? I could name him Pirate the Puppy!!!

A Name And A Nickname To Go Along With It

May 10, 2010

Ok, ok! So I was thinking ‘Atticus’ for a boy dog. Like Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird? Except that you never hear that name anywhere else and it’s such a lovely name and it would kind of make one want to hug and cuddle the bearer of the name because Gregory Peck is so noble and wonderful in that film that a cute creature with that name would have everything in the world going for it.

And then I was thinking if ever that felt a little formal, you could just call him Sugarpaws! SUGARPAWS! It would be like you were back in the 1930s or something and it was Chicago and here’s this sweet little dog and you’re in the mob and everyone in the mob uses nicknames so your dog gets one too and you call it Sugarpaws!

Maybe in the next place I live they’ll let me have a dog and then I’ll really get to use one of these names for real, huh?

What’s In A Name? Two Legs Or Four….God Help You If You’ve Named Something With More Legs Than That.

March 6, 2010

Just, y’know–on the topic of Things We Could Name This Dog Of Ours, I was thinking: like what if you gave your dog one of those cute people names like ‘Arnold’ or  ‘Moritz’ and then you became romantically involved with someone of the same name?
Would all sparks of romance just be dampened from the start?

‘Hey, can I buy you a drink?’
‘Well I wouldn’t say no–sorry, what was your name again?’
‘Well that won’t be hard to remember–my dog’s name is Arnold!’

I mean, I guess it all depends on how you see those things. Some people might just take it to mean that this person already liked the name, and wanted to bring it into the fold of loved ones. Others–others like me–would instead be far more inclined to see it as an indication that the person with whom you are flirting has associations with your name that put it on a par with ‘Digger’ or ‘Scruffles’.

Or if it went further……I mean, what if–in the throws of passion–you were to call out your lover’s name and your dog came bounding onto the scene, ready to defend you from the beefy marauder clawing away at you??
How very awkward for the dog….

Ooo! Ooo! OOOO! Or what if you started dating someone with a kid and your dog had the same name as their kid?? Then it would be totally like, an awkward life-choices comparison. And with the kids it would be a mêlée of jealousy and fur, and colouring books and chewed-up bones………

‘Lilli we were thinking we could call you ‘Li’ from now on.’
‘Well honey, to be honest, now that me, and you, and Robert, and Lilli (the-dog-Lilli) all live together it gets a little confusing with two Lillis around….so Robert and I thought it might help if we started calling you by a cool nickname!’
‘Well why don’t you call Lilli (the-dog-Lilli) ‘Li’ then?’
‘Oh, honey she’d never accept it.’

So, at this point I have neither a dog, nor a love interest (let alone a prospective step-child) but I’m sure you’ll be pleased to see that I’m thinking ahead. FYI: the future looks complicated.

Another Possible Name For A Dog

March 1, 2010

Saw a cute dog this morning. Some kind of terrier I think. White body with a reddish face, little flopsy ears; small, adorable, quiet, perfect.
Reminded me of another name I’ve been tossing around in my head:
‘Arnold! Get out of those bushes!’;  ‘….aaand this is me at the Rock of Gibraltar, and there’s my dog, Arnie biting that american woman’s arm….’; ‘Arnie do you want steak or salmon for dinner?’

‘Arnold’……..could work.

Salty Tears

February 15, 2010

While ‘Tuna’ remains a frontrunner name, I was thinking a bit today about ‘Doc’.
‘Doc Dog’.

Then I went onto the Tierheim Berlin website to check out the little dogs and I almost cried my face off.

All these little adorable dogs who just want to be loved and they look so happy, smiling for the camera but they don’t have their very own person and they really need to have their very own person, and a house of their own rather than an animal shelter. And some of them look like they’re wagging their tails and they just want to be nice to you and run fast for you and sit in your lap.

Ach! I am not made for the real world….

St. Peter Came A-Bounding

February 2, 2010

Ok, Ok!
I’m excited about this one–another possible name for a dog:

St. Peter.

Huh? Hein? Are you feeling this? Try imagining that the dog is a golden retriever……now do you feel it?

I mean, it’s not meant to be blasphemous–it should be thought of like naming a street St. Peter’s Lane (or sommat’). I mean, a dog’s way better than a street.
It’s like how in Latin America they can name their kids Jesus and it ain’t no thang……everybody’s just like, ‘Oh hey Jesus (the ‘J’ would of course, be pronounced like an ‘h’) what’s goin’ on? Will I see you at the football match later? Alright my bro’…’ (Latin America is renowned as a land of football and brotherly love; according to me).

It suggests the loyalty, servitude and love that one can only find in an apostle–or a dog!

Alright, well–think on it.