Contributing Factors

I was born in 1983 and in that would-be Orwellian age there was certainly a Big Brother in my life. Interestingly, as I headed towards 1984 I probably experienced my Big Brother in much the same way the characters in Orwell’s novel did; as a big, (loud) boss watching over me……
Jimmy was sweet though, mostly. In response to his brotherly love, I bit him. Several times over. Yet he loved me still. What a deal!

Here I am now, almost 28 years later, part of the me-generation; posting my thoughts online like so much armchair psychology (on a fundamental level I believe that I can bite and still be loved).

I grew up in Atlantic Canada, and if you don’t get a little salty wisdom there–be it through upbringing or osmosis–then you’re probably stupid.

I live in Berlin now, and I’m a painter. I live alone, and I lead a rich inner life.
I suppose this blog would bring you into that rich inner life, in a sense.
That sounds icky. Get out.


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