Because 2012 Won’t Be Super, Unless You’re Superstitious

2012 is a year to be superstitious. 2012 is a year for fear.  2012 is the year superstition returns.
The return of superstition.
The Superstition Resumption. Will you be there?

Dumb is all around; let’s give it a little heart, shall we?

In 2012 I will revive superstition in my heart.

There are all sorts of fears and tics and mutterings that have lain dormant there, since catholicism and childhood left me on the cold stoop of adulthood, and I think it’s time to wake them all up and start praying to some Gods. I think it’s time to light the fire and drink the whisky and watch the lights flicker. It’s time to believe that something is going on. It’s time to devote one hemisphere of my brain to irrational things. To ration my rationality. To fantasise about the fantastical. To ponder the imponderable. To suck out the steaming marrow of bullshit and refuse the broth of verity.

I am over truth. Truth is ethical and ethical things are tiring. Truth is a drag on my smile; I’m sorry; I can’t smile, I have a truthache.

What can we do about this? How can we populate our lives with the inflatable dolls of our ancestors? Commune with the ancients while making them do stuff for us? Appeal to the angels as umpires on the dream diamond?

Find some meaning.
Meaning is all around if you find it there. Meaning is like a small-town whore with a bill to pay. Meaning practically finds you, if you’re willing to be found. Meaning is like a bottle of hooch in a Prohibition-era backwater: if you can’t get your hands on some, you ain’t trying hard enough. Try harder. It’s there.

Know that it was meant to happen this way.
If it wasn’t, you’re screwed–and who’s to know the difference? Everything happens as it’s meant to be (the vigilant among you will have noticed a BONUS meaning plug, there) and Robert Frost’s *other road* can host a plague of locusts for all I care: not my issue.

Pick a dead mentor.
Who’s been looking good lately? Thumb through a few biographies–mark their birthday on your calendar; make a few donations in their name. Recent deaths are hot, but don’t hesitate to go back in to the long-term dead.  Adopting the patronage of a known quantity (i.e. a dead person) is a great way to inspire you to great things, without ever having to fear you’ll disappoint your mentor! As far as you’re concerned, a dead man, is a satisfied man.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you,

xx, E


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One Comment on “Because 2012 Won’t Be Super, Unless You’re Superstitious”

  1. Contributing Factor Says:

    My mentor is Romulus, founder of Rome.

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