Litszen’s Canadian Tour of Untitled Worthies: Day 4 ☞ Andy Murray

Andy Murray is the human equivalent of a china bowl full of gumdrops. Delightful.
He’s a rare blend; combining the fresh, unprejudiced eyes that a little child brings to the most hum-drum of circumstances with the literacy skills and criticality of a fully paid-up adult!

He has a wonderful sensitivity too. It’s nice to see someone who is affected by things–someone who allows himself to feel what’s going on around him. This helps to make him a good listener. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chat with Andy where I felt the need to search his body language to see if he was still paying attention. Which could possibly be the result of his undeniable theatrical skill, but if it is….then it’s a sort of philanthropy of talent, wouldn’t you say?

And of course–as there always must be for me–there is that rogueish sense of humour that makes a good heart interesting.

I don’t get to see Andy nearly as much as I’d like to, but knowing that Andy exists has propped me up in many a despairing-of-humanity moment.

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