Litszen’s Canadian Tour of Untitled Worthies: Day 3 ☞ Christopher Schuller

I fear in writing this that I may make him uncomfortable, but let’s just steamroll over consideration for a moment and trumpet the many virtues of Mr. Schuller.

Christopher is what I would describe as well-raised. I have not encountered many people in my lifetime whom I would describe as well-raised. To spend time in his company is to bask in the strangely unfamiliar warmth of qualities such as tact, wit, punctuality, and a deeply ingrained sense of social graces. He does not behave in such a way as to make anyone uncomfortable–better still! He manages to balance that with a wonderfully discerning eye–for both character and aesthetics.

On a personal level, he has been acting as my witness in the ongoing Litszen vs. Scheister dispute–which has involved no less that 6 hours of on-site boredom over 2 damage checks, and countless spontaneous phonecalls from Yours-truly, clarifying and translating odds and sods from the lawyer. Without him helping me understand this shit, I would probably think I still lived in that verdammte building. Oy.
Throughout this experience, he has managed to maintain a sense of humour about it all–helping me in turn to do the same, and assuaging my guilt for the tedious nature of the role I’ve asked him to play.

And do you know what else? He likes port wine. He likes port wine, and has the rare ability to quote poetry with such timeliness and skilled delivery as to simply set the moment in relief, rather than ever seeming pretentious or like he’s attempting to seduce his audience. It comes from a sheer depth of feeling for the art, and a wonderful enthusiasm for involving it in the unedited click-clack of everyday life.

Yes, Christopher Schuller is our Day 3.

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