Litszen’s Canadian Tour of Untitled Worthies: Day 2 ☞ Patrick Forestell

I’ve known Patrick since just about pretty much when he was born, though really, I can’t claim to have been that much more lucid than a newborn at that time myself.
Patrick’s mom is Marina. Marina is my mom’s best friend.
I feel like I really only started getting to know Patrick at all though sometime after I started university. We didn’t go to the same university, but one summer I had a studio in the same building where he had his summer job. I got stuck in the building’s 1000 year-old elevator one summer evening. Patrick didn’t get me out or anything, but it seems to me that we laughed about it afterwards, and it seems to me that that kept the building from feeling like a heartless deathtrap afterwards.

What this solidified was an observation that–really–goes back all the way to what I remember of him when he was really little. Patrick has always been such a lovely, pleasant, funny person. Consistently! That’s hard to do!! But he is, and really from what I can tell, he has been since he was small.

He manages to bring this really good, enthusiastic attitude to everything, ALONG WITH a healthy sense of humour about it and just the right amount of sarcasm, when appropriate. I consider this combination of qualities (and more impressive than their presence really is their consistency) to be quite unusual.

He always seems so curious and fresh about things. He’d probably make a fantastic interviewer.

Such wonderfully human qualities–combined with intelligence and wit–always leave me with the feeling that I have something to learn from him.

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One Comment on “Litszen’s Canadian Tour of Untitled Worthies: Day 2 ☞ Patrick Forestell”

  1. Marina Says:

    How terribly sweet, and observant of you wee Liz!!! Of course there is no bias here!!!
    Ezmeralda(ask your mother!!)

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