Litszen’s Canadian Tour of Untitled Worthies: Day 1 ☞ Gina Grant

Gina is the kind of girl who makes you say ‘whoah’.
She’s that kind of 17-year old that you really really wish you had been, but kind of suspect you probably weren’t. She’s whip smart, and has that kind of salty sense of humour that I like best, but besides being so gifted in communicating through her sense of humour and though writing, she is also a phenomenal dancer.
Watching a video of Gina dancing (I’ve sadly not had the chance to see her dance in person yet) gives me chills, and has brought me almost to tears on a couple of occasions. Not even 20, she is eloquent in both her thoughts and her movements.

I’m so desperately proud of her, with the one caveat that pride can suggest some sort of ownership, and I can take no credit in who she has become, and who she is becoming. Stunningly gorgeous and poised, Gina is entirely her own.
As cousins 10 years apart, it took a long time for me to get to know her at all. 10 years can be an awkward age gap in a family. She can be quiet, too. She doesn’t need to be the center of attention.

I don’t know what Gina wants to do now that she’s through with high school, but I’m happy to think that she can now more freely engage with those interests that she has so far been pursuing outside office hours, so to speak. I only hope the people she encounters will be worthy of her.

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