Litszen’s Canadian* Tour of Untitled Worthies

Because I think that there is something a bit *emotionally damaged* shall we say? about heaping further privilege and adulation on young & attractive people with titles, I–as a Canadian–would like to turn my attention (alas for the tax dollars that have slipped beyond my reach) to some people who I think do deserve a parade, or at least, un petit homage.

Each day of the monarchic internal inspection, I will toss my verbal flowers at someone who I feel deserves some sort of public salute. I will do my best to make these stuffed animal statements come alive through anecdotal spark or force of expression, so that their wordy fur won’t matt under the suffocating chafe of platitudes.
All the same I will keep them fairly short, as I am not presenting an argument to convince the reader, but rather recognizing someone whose worth is proven.

Finally, I have nothing against Kate & Wills–I just have more for my friends.

* This tour is Canadian inasmuch as I–a Canadian–am conducting it. Some of the Untitled Worthies may be of parahoser descent.

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