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I’m Officially A Square.

May 20, 2011

So tonight I’m working for my friend Som’s catering company as a server, and we have to wear black pants/ shoes/ top.

As I was getting dressed just now I was thinking ‘mmm, yeah it looks alright–I mean I would wear all these pieces separately, but I feel kind of weird wearing them all together’

I wondered at my squeamish response, as I went for years wearing mostly all black, and it is generally considered a fashion-safe approach.
Then I heard my mom’s voice coming from deep in my superego….

‘You look like a fascist!’ it quipped.


My style has officially been infected with a historical awareness and salty, maritime ridicule. I suppose it’s all downhill in practical shoes from here.
All I can say is, if anyone spots me in a windbreaker you have my permission to intervene.


Keep Icky D Out Of The White House

May 2, 2011

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