Victorian Governess Seeks Victorian Child To Govern

Do you have a small child from the Victorian era who needs looking after?

Have you searched long and hard for a woman of respectable background, modestly accomplished, reticent and pleasingly pretty though not sinfully attractive?


I’ve recently come to the realization that I am a Victorian governess.

In need of some work, I’ve been considering my qualifications and have come to see that I am best-suited to caring for–and educating--small Victorian children.

Consider the facts:

  • I am 27, unmarried and unlikely to join a convent.
  • I have a solid command of English, speak French fluently, and have conversational German.
  • I am well-read, and could be trusted to pass on an appropriately-reserved love of great literature.
  • I am from the colonies, and would be happy to raise your child to love the Queen.
  • Raised in the Catholic tradition, the Church of England is not a such a great leap, and I would be willing to sign a contract agreeing not to discuss the Pope.
  • I respect arithmetic, although primarily for its centrality to music, as befits a lady.
  • I have limited my study of geography to countries to which Christianity has been introduced.
  • I am fond of slow promenades through well-kept gardens.
  • I am capable of sustaining a pleasant correspondance over months….years, even.
  • I am accomplished at drawing non-sexual things such as buildings.

In addition to all these things I have a fabulously demure temperament, a strong nose (attesting to modest wit and diligence) and bring with me a wonderful array of vague symptoms suggesting the sensitive character and weak constitution which are found most appropriate to the female sex!!!

Should you wish to have me raise your Victorian children please do not hesitate to write me at my lodgings/ send me an email.

Now I must take my leave; I’m off to trawl Craigslist for a Pianoforte.

xx Miss Grant

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2 Comments on “Victorian Governess Seeks Victorian Child To Govern”

  1. Contributing Factor Says:

    Do you educate wicked children?

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