Friends in High Places

In times of difficulty it seems natural to form a bond with anyone, or anything, that is at your side.
Of course, you could come to resent such constants as unwelcome reminders, but I rather think it nicer to have the view that we are all in this together.

Why, just today I looked up at a Large, Green Insect that has been these last few days a veritable ranger of my ceiling and I thought:
I’m sorry; I don’t have much to entertain you with right now…

I have a responsability to the Large, Green Insect. It has been we two.

I also have a bear named Bon Jovi and he has also been at my side. We watched the World Cup Finals Sunday night and as I dozed off he decided that he didn’t like the thuggish tactics employed by the dutch.
Scanning the news the next morning I had to agree with him; Holland won neither the Cup nor admirers that night. We look forward to the start of the Bundesliga in mid-August. We plan on forming more opinions.
Alliances are key.

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2 Comments on “Friends in High Places”

  1. Contributing Factor Says:

    Remember the Wuzzles? One of them, possibly their leader, was an elephant-bee hybrid.

    • salty wisdom Says:

      I do remember the Wuzzles. And I remember the creature to whom you refer as well. Leader sounds right. I remember we had a white cassette tape of the Wuzzles. Like, The Wuzzles Wuzz Their Faces Off In Hollywood or something.
      Bon Jovi is way better.

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