Dog of Ages…

Andreas this morning suggested that I consider names of great figures in history for my theoretical squeeze.

I can’t help but feel that he’s erm…barking up the right tree, shall we say? I like the way it would seat my puppy in a larger context of history and great accomplishments, which–were it not confined to the rather more everyday business of being an adorable puppy, that is to say, were it human–my noble ruffian would surely achieve.

The rub is to find a name that’s both adorable and historical.

And I already know of a cat named Pushkin so that particular adorable name is out, because we are looking here to allude, not to copy.

So if you have any suggestions, feel free. As it is, I’ll kill a few brain cells on it…

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4 Comments on “Dog of Ages…”

  1. Contributing Factor Says:


  2. goldie hawn Says:

    How about Trotzki

    • salty wisdom Says:

      oh, cuz he would trot!
      oh oh oh! j’adore! (may have to do a little more research on trotsky though to find out if it’s like calling my puppy stalin…)

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