A Name And A Nickname To Go Along With It

Ok, ok! So I was thinking ‘Atticus’ for a boy dog. Like Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird? Except that you never hear that name anywhere else and it’s such a lovely name and it would kind of make one want to hug and cuddle the bearer of the name because Gregory Peck is so noble and wonderful in that film that a cute creature with that name would have everything in the world going for it.

And then I was thinking if ever that felt a little formal, you could just call him Sugarpaws! SUGARPAWS! It would be like you were back in the 1930s or something and it was Chicago and here’s this sweet little dog and you’re in the mob and everyone in the mob uses nicknames so your dog gets one too and you call it Sugarpaws!

Maybe in the next place I live they’ll let me have a dog and then I’ll really get to use one of these names for real, huh?

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