What’s In A Name? Two Legs Or Four….God Help You If You’ve Named Something With More Legs Than That.

Just, y’know–on the topic of Things We Could Name This Dog Of Ours, I was thinking: like what if you gave your dog one of those cute people names like ‘Arnold’ or  ‘Moritz’ and then you became romantically involved with someone of the same name?
Would all sparks of romance just be dampened from the start?

‘Hey, can I buy you a drink?’
‘Well I wouldn’t say no–sorry, what was your name again?’
‘Well that won’t be hard to remember–my dog’s name is Arnold!’

I mean, I guess it all depends on how you see those things. Some people might just take it to mean that this person already liked the name, and wanted to bring it into the fold of loved ones. Others–others like me–would instead be far more inclined to see it as an indication that the person with whom you are flirting has associations with your name that put it on a par with ‘Digger’ or ‘Scruffles’.

Or if it went further……I mean, what if–in the throws of passion–you were to call out your lover’s name and your dog came bounding onto the scene, ready to defend you from the beefy marauder clawing away at you??
How very awkward for the dog….

Ooo! Ooo! OOOO! Or what if you started dating someone with a kid and your dog had the same name as their kid?? Then it would be totally like, an awkward life-choices comparison. And with the kids it would be a mêlée of jealousy and fur, and colouring books and chewed-up bones………

‘Lilli we were thinking we could call you ‘Li’ from now on.’
‘Well honey, to be honest, now that me, and you, and Robert, and Lilli (the-dog-Lilli) all live together it gets a little confusing with two Lillis around….so Robert and I thought it might help if we started calling you by a cool nickname!’
‘Well why don’t you call Lilli (the-dog-Lilli) ‘Li’ then?’
‘Oh, honey she’d never accept it.’

So, at this point I have neither a dog, nor a love interest (let alone a prospective step-child) but I’m sure you’ll be pleased to see that I’m thinking ahead. FYI: the future looks complicated.

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