Bile and the Maiden

I wouldn’t mind, but I can’t help but think that if I were a teenage boy then I’d have some kind of bemoniker’d hoodie to initiate the discussion re. my angst.
As it is, I’m an adult female (confession: I HATE the word ‘Woman’. It makes me think of Jello and wigs) and I want a slightly more complicated relationship with my identifying objects than that which is attainable with a Slayer hoodie. So it is that I really only have the books of my so-called racist/misogynist/miser author–the erstwhile enfant terrible of british writing–Martin Amis.

Martin Amis gets it. He gets it. When I read his books it brings all the validation of having your worldview confirmed–the full spectrum of insecurities and imperfections intact–without the tedium of reading back issues of your own diary.

I feel a little sorry for Anna Ford; she says that Martin Amis lacks empathy. But for me, to read his books is to feel so intensely aware of the generosity and great consideration necessary to document the greasy little corners of the heart as faithfully as he does. I can’t help but feel that there must be some kind of meaningful self-extension going on in his process of investigation and exposure. If he’s as callous and antisocial a person as she claims him to be, then that’s a shame for those people who know him personally. I don’t see why she would consider such personal anecdotes to be relevant information to people who know him only as a writer. There is certainly no historical preference for good people making good art, and I don’t read him because of how he spends his Sunday afternoons.

So, yes; too bad for Anna Ford and Anna Ford’s daughter, but where does that leave the rest of us? Those of us sitting here with chest pains and noone to whom we might address an angry open letter in a newspaper?
We, then, must sit tight holding our books close and keeping the world from nibbling too closely at our heels. Maybe, too, we can make a little wish that Anna Ford will find an author to whom she could imagine writing a private letter instead.

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2 Comments on “Bile and the Maiden”

  1. homagold Says:

    good one. feuding 2.0 arrived on the map and to this day the celts are just as at it as the germanic tribes.

  2. Contributing Factor Says:

    Sounds like this Ford has crashed!

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