St. Peter Came A-Bounding

Ok, Ok!
I’m excited about this one–another possible name for a dog:

St. Peter.

Huh? Hein? Are you feeling this? Try imagining that the dog is a golden retriever……now do you feel it?

I mean, it’s not meant to be blasphemous–it should be thought of like naming a street St. Peter’s Lane (or sommat’). I mean, a dog’s way better than a street.
It’s like how in Latin America they can name their kids Jesus and it ain’t no thang……everybody’s just like, ‘Oh hey Jesus (the ‘J’ would of course, be pronounced like an ‘h’) what’s goin’ on? Will I see you at the football match later? Alright my bro’…’ (Latin America is renowned as a land of football and brotherly love; according to me).

It suggests the loyalty, servitude and love that one can only find in an apostle–or a dog!

Alright, well–think on it.

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