Another Possible Name for a Dog…

Or what about Gonzo for a dog?

While I do feel that there’s something a bit tacky about going for a name that already has such a strong character association behind it–Garfield or whatnot–there’s something about Gonzo that seems capable of going beyond the Muppet….
Which is not to detract from the original Gonzo….rather to keep our attempts to model our lives after popular culture to a minimum—hair and makeup sure (where else are we supposed to get those things from but television?); cats named Ross and Rachel, nein.

Anyway, one thing I like about Gonzo is that if he had a really frisky temperament it would work:
crazy little Gonzo ate another one of my paintings!
But then if he was really sober, and low-key it would take on this kind of south american guru quality–like the quiet guy who sits in the corner of the local tavern with a beer just watching everybody, and nobody really knows where he comes from or what he’s about, but you’ve heard it said that if you’re having trouble with the debt collectors you should leave a freshly-killed goat on Gonzo’s doorstep and he’ll sort you out–if he likes you.
That could be my dog!

Anyway, think on it…..

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One Comment on “Another Possible Name for a Dog…”

  1. slt Says:

    Doggie haiku:(in the spirit of 5-7-5)

    Every Hillbilly
    Knows that dogs answer best to:
    “Your supper’s ready!”

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