Hillbilly Haiku

I respect the 420 character limit of a facebook status update as a new art form.

You might think of it as a ‘hillbilly haiku’.
As such, I sometimes try to use my own status update to aesthetic effect; to make it sing, as it were. This is as opposed to delineating the stuff of my breakfast. The standards for status updates are not yet what they might be.

Once in awhile, I’ll re-post a status update to this blog as a way of giving it a little more longevity–you could think of it as writing it down in a notebook in one’s office, as opposed to scribbling it on a napkin in a cheap bar.
All such entries will be assigned to the NEW category, Hillbilly Haiku.

It is my sincerest hope that to have ever had such a category will one day make me appear very dated.

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One Comment on “Hillbilly Haiku”

  1. heather mcrobie innit Says:

    Your Hillbilly Haikus have a perfect rhythm, but the genre limitation mean it’s always one beat too short for my own HHs. Perhaps it’s a British-English thing: one ‘orientated’ over ‘oriented’ and your 420s are quickly in jeopardy. Perhaps my Orwell-esque ‘Why I Write’ essay (which will be presented in status update format, obviously) will just be: because I had one more syllable to say. Oh, and how.

    Keep your haikus coming!

    H xx

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