I Knew Your Name Before You Licked Me….

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I would name a dog, were I to bring such a little beast into my life.

I do, occasionally, give some consideration to the act of getting a dog, but mostly I just think about what I would name my furry ward.
Indeed, few people realize how often my internal monologue is diverted by a new idea for a name. I could be thinking about my career, planning a dinner menu, or going over in my mind a conversation I’ve just had when all of a sudden I’m gripped with the thrill of a new possibility: ‘Tuna!’ I’ll think……..

At this point I’ll imagine yelling the name in the park; cooing the name softly as I stroke his furry little head; or saying the name in a scolding tone as I survey the mess that ‘Tuna’ has made in my absence. It is important to establish if the name would ‘wear’ well.

So it is that I am creating a secondary category in which I’ll document all the names that I find to be really great. The reader must bear in mind that I’ll probably never get a dog; I’m not even a good Plantmom yet, so I don’t know how I think I’d keep a whole little beastie running…but still, great comfort can be found in the naming of a thing that is hard to grasp. For now, Tuna lives in dreams……

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