Making Art Not Babies

Still home for Christmas, I was perusing the January 2nd edition of the ‘ol hometown rag the other day, when I came upon a piece about a girl with whom I went to high school.
While the article detailed the story of how she had just given birth to the coveted ‘First Baby’ (as in, ‘….of the Year’) this was not her first baby.

Reading the article, I felt happy for her (she certainly seemed happy) but was struck by the vastly different paths we had chosen.
Being an artist, I am typically asked what I’ve ‘been making lately?’.
Well, certainly nothing as fancy as a whole friggin’ baby.

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3 Comments on “Making Art Not Babies”

  1. Jordanager Says:

    The only that differs in the baby-making is the process and the fact that you could lose creative control, or at least 50% of it, at any time. “Fancy”, I must contest, is not proper to the product of a cum-in-da-vadge biological accident.

  2. sally Says:

    oddly being a parent and being an artist are very similar in some ways. the paths may not be as different as you think. The path of someone who has no children is just more self focussed. I never really realized how much time i spent thinking about myself til i had a baby. Nothing wrong with that…it just changes how the world looks to you and how you spend your time. I agree that “fancy” is not the right term here…we are talking about a human being.

  3. salty wisdom Says:

    Babies just seem fancy compared to what I do. And abstract. Hence ‘fancy’.

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